Vastu  Shastra

VASTUSHASTRA, an ancient Hindu practice to construct buildings in harmony with natural forces for well being of humanity, is given in a number of ancient works including Vedas.
It is the traditional Indian system of architecture and design of Vedic origin.
Vastu means the dwelling of humans and Gods.
Many Vastu rules are derived from ‘Vastu Purusha’ who is depicted as a man lying with his head pointing northeast, in a grid of usually 64 squares. The different directions and sectors are assigned to different Gods and Guardians. 

Vastu Purush

Vastushastra is a result-oriented science and gives definite and immediate results if applied properly. It defines the proportions and details of building elongation, slopes, water tanks, kitchen, bedrooms, stairs, heights of roofs, entrances, doors, windows, walls etc. Living in harmony with the nature is theme of Vastushastra.

Some Vastu recommended directions for your home and the rooms:
Bedrooms The Southwest portion of the house is meant for bedroom for adults. It may be located in the South, and will be congenial for comfortable living. Master bedroom may be on the upper storey, if any, in the Southwest portion of the house.  
Sleep One should never sleep having head towards the North Pole and legs towards the South Pole. However one may sleep having legs towards the West and head towards the East for mental peace, good thoughts and spirituality.  
Children room Children room should be in the northwest or West Side. To have a better concentration they should have a separate study close to their bedrooms.  
Kitchen Location of kitchen has health implications. Presiding deity of the Southeast is Agni, the God of fire; hence kitchen may be located at the southeast corner of the house.  
Study room One should face the North or the East or the Northeast while studying and he will be shining more. Therefore the best locations for study room are the north, east, or northeast. These directions attract the positive effects of Mercury increasing brain power, Jupiter increasing wisdom, Sun increasing ambition and Venus helps in bringing about creativity in new thoughts and ideas.  Books may be kept in the Southwest side of the room. Study room may have door on the East or the North, or the Northeast               
Dining room The dining room should be located in the East or the West or the North nears the kitchen. Northwest corner is good for perishable goods. Dinning room may be in the Northwest direction, which leads to quicker consumption of food.   
Bathrooms East is the place for the bathroom. Attached bathroom may preferably be in the North, or the East of a bedroom. Shower, bathing tub and wash basin in the bathroom may be in the Northeast, or the North or the East direction. One may have bath in the North or the East area in the bathroom. Bathroom should never be constructed in the center or in the southwest corner of the house.
Drawing roomDrawing room should be preferably in the Northeast or the North or the East but not in the Southwest portion of the house. More vacant space should be given in the Northeast corner of the drawing room.. Door is preferable on the East towards the Northeast side.
Store room Storeroom should be made in the Northwest or Southwest portion of the house. It is very beneficial if grains and other provisions are stored in the Northwest store. All heavy things may be stored in the Southwest of the storeroom. Garbage may be collected in the Southern side portion of the house.  

Height of the building should be uniform to get the most advantageous results. There must be uniformity among projections or elevations. The higher or lower level of the building in any of the eight directionshas the following effects as given in Shastras :

1. North
Brings good, comfort and prosperity
Harmful in every sense
2. NorthEast
All prosperity benefits
Poverty and sufferings
3. SouthEast
If lower than Nairitya, it is auspicious, but if lower than Vayaya or Eeshan, fear of fire and enemy and breeds ill.
If higher than Nairitya, it is inauspicious, if higher than Eeshan or Vayaya, it brings wealth.
4. East
Name and fame, long life
Loss of children
5. South
Diseases, loss of wealth and brings economic difficulties
Economic and health benefits