For about $32/person an hour, my colleague and his son go for Wine (Tasting) classes.  The idea in itself seems so intriguing. They sit at a table with around 5 varied wines each time. And then starts their training……Color, smell, age, source, cuisine, occasion…….you have a different wine for each.
The world of wine has a rich history (fascinating window to wine’s yesteryears) and influential cultural fingerprints in many countries. A google search about wine brought up a few interesting links and wine heritages. I am compiling a few of them below.

·   German Wines
·   French Wines
·   Australian Wines
·   Napa Valley Wines
·   Argentinian Wines
·   Sonoma County Wines

Let’s have the ending note as a tangy winy quote:
“A sweetheart is a bottle of wine, a wife is a wine bottle.”   — Charles Baudelaire