Intrinsic Beauty

Luscious are her lips that praise him so much.
Radiant is her skin that enjoys his loving touch
Gorgeous are her eyes, that reflect his loyal love,
Paramount is her beauty that depicts the heavens above

Tendered are her fingers that tickle his ghastly grief
Appease his awful pain, provide him the gentle relief.
Warm are her hands that hold his shaking hands
Comfort his hurts and worries, and act as soothing bands

Cleansed are her nails, which sparkle in his charm
Make his life colorful, bloom thy cherished farm.
Lengthy are her lashes that hide from him her tears
Shield him from the gloom, and offer fun and cheers

Shimmering are her arms, with love which do embrace
Shower the cuddled acceptance and reveal their ample grace
Thy stature is carved in marvel, which stands with strength ‘n pose
Supports him thro’ his life, and shields him from his foes.

Noble are her thoughts, in which he does reside
That’s the beauty he wants, in thy, he shall take pride.