A few months ago I worked as a volunteer for a fund raising event for Karmanos Cancer Institute . It is headquartered in the same vicinity as my graduate school in
Michigan. The day had an early start and I spent about 12 hours at the event that Saturday. We were to sell tickets at a Harley Davidson Fest at
Sterling Heights area in MI. It was around an hour’s drive from my place and to wake up early in itself was a sacrifice ;).  

It was so much fun. Seeing about 1200 customized Harley Davidson bikes all in one stretch of land. The pompous owners of the bulky trendy bikes bragged and exhibited their bikes with pride. One had a whole cozy dog house set up as a passenger seat and had a cute dog snuggled in it in comfort. Another one had a full bass speaker system set up. Yet another one had it all painted in rainbow colors (looked somewhat weird though 😀 ).

A day well spent it was. I made so many new friends (Two of them happened to be my coworkers at Ford who worked in the same building and to whom I never actually got introduced to at work). I got to meet so many country side people, see their etiquette, charms, dressing styles, their somewhat atypical language….so sundry yet similar. All had that vivid passion for motor cycles especially the HD’sons.

My overall experience for this community service was too exuberant and amusing. This being my birthday month and I still on their records, yesterday I got official birthday greetings from The Cancer Institute.

Can’t find the words to tell you,
Don’t quite know what to say-
This world is so much brighter
‘Cause you’re in it every day!


 But though mere words may fail us,
We hope this thought comes through-
We wish the best birthday of all
To a great volunteer-that’s you! 

— Karmanos Cancer Institute 

They made my day then.
They made my day once again  🙂