Salsa – the Latin delicacy
Not the salsa sauce…it’s the dance I am referring to here

I had always been fascinated by the ballroom dancing. The grace with which the dancers performed….Their ability to set themselves in a pirouette was exuberant. The brilliance with which they would tap their toes was so overwhelming. I was very naïve to know of its various forms which were so different and still so similar. Ballet, Salsa, tango, rumba, morainge, tap, waltz, jazz and the list just goes on. I wanted to live that moment of ecstasy which reflected on their faces. I wanted to experience the nostalgia…..It had enough vivacity to catch my fancy. I wanted to do it myself.
India is a land of diversity with hundreds of different languages, dialect, traditions and dances.  I belong to North India where people don’t need an excuse or an occasion to dance. The beat paces up and so do the feet. And in true sense, people dance as if no body is watching. They dance for the inner happiness and you can see it all over them. Compared to traditional and classical dances like Bharat-Natyam, Kathak etc, which follow the protocols, these were without any bounds. Apart from a few classes in my early childhood, I never had any formal training in dance.
Whilst in India, so preoccupied in studies and other extra curricular activities, I never took the initiative to add some formal dance training to my dexterity. Studies and work in US exposed me to an enthralling intercultural extravaganza. Last year towards the end, I trailed my dream to reality…..I along with one of my equally dance-enthusiastic friend, enrolled for Salsa classes. One hour one day a week……and I used to wait a whole week for those 60 minutes. You set your mind and body free and just swivel and twirl. It was all so full of vehemence and euphoria.  
Just ten classes for basic Salsa–I, this has been the only class I attended so far, where I wanted more……I didn’t track the clock ever to await its end. I am so much looking forward to attend its sequel. If you want to learn more about Salsa and its variances check it out here:

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