Why Can’t we be Friends only?

An invitation to a dinner, to a Mongolian cuisine
Thought I’ll try out, a place I had never been

A small group of four, I knew none but one
Still the aura was amiable, after the greetings were done

We all were so different, with personalities so unique
Still had so much in common, no lackluster and no geek

With a delectable meal, fun blasts hurting the gums
We exchanged our contacts, and acquaintances turned chums.

A startling surprise, was a dessert treat
Luscious frosty fudge, followed by a warm retreat

A warm Sunday morning, we got together again
A daylight-saving swap, caused mayhem – still sane

Saw an aquarium in ruins, still enchanting at its best
Last day before it closed, gloomy with final guests

Time flew by, we became good pals
Hung out often…..Dance, movies and malls

We grew closer, and shared a thoughtful care
From good to great…..rapport changed a gear

A sudden twist of fate, I didn’t see it come
His proposal for marriage….completely left me numb

It wasn’t a game, he was true at heart
I liked him a lot, but love wasn’t on the chart.

He said “Don’t hurry!! Give it a thought”
Whatever concerns you have, we can sit and sort.

Hours and Days, I did contemplate
It would be for life, not just a date.

He confronted me again; I think he had a guess,
With all honesty at heart, I couldn’t come up with a “yes”.

In grief, he took the hint…said glad that things are clear,
He can now move on, and stop holding me dear.

An irony it is, in a clash of “love” and “like”
Triumph for neither, knocked out in a strike

Around this jagged corner, I’ve lost a great friend
So kind and caring, both dismayed at this end.

Forgive me buddy, never wanted to give u pain
No words would comfort…..all efforts'll go in vain.

There’ll always be someone, for your wellness shall she plea
And savor this friendship…..and that someone shall be me. 

— Khushi