Similarities between a Guy and a Cell Phone 

1) Both are available in market in different shapes and sizes.
2) Only the trendy and Cool one get attention.
3) Available for you to talk your heart out.
4) Signal fades without notice.
5) Impossible to find all you want from one model.
6) The package is always deficient of at least one of the needed accessories.
7) You can talk through both without getting anything stored in the memory.
8) Both are emotion less
9) They appeal and interest you in the start, but soon you’ll be bored out of it.
10) Become Out of Date and out of market pretty soon.
11) After having one, the others appear more interesting.

Similarities between a Girl and a Cell Phone
1.) Men enjoy both.
2.) Both need to get recharged often to operate properly.
3.) Both are advertised as small is cute, tall is sexy 😉
4.) One needs clothes, the other needs ringtones and wallpapers to keep
them up to date.
5.) Both are usually found in the mall!
6.) You show it to all your friends, but wont let them put their hands
on yours.
7.) You want one when you see one, but the monthly bill makes you
wonder why you did it in the first place.
8.) Both have buttons that turn them on.
9.) You think you have the best till a newer model hits town (usually
10.) Once tied in a contract, you cant get rid of either easily.



— khushi