Like a bird I soared
To my first flight
Scared as hell
Mind full of fright
Befuddled I was
Anxious and Jittery
Puzzled, when and how
Would life be glittery?

En-route be an angel
Overhear my plea
Am beseeching, O’ Lord
Bestow upon me, the spree.

Pleasant as a boon
Came into my being
Life full of happiness
I started foreseeing

Fanciful as a tiny tot
Secluded from the world
Lost in my dream land,
Like a ballet dancer, I twirled.

The feeling of someone close
Embracing me with love
Being cuddled in adoring arms
Is ardent like heavens above

Too good to be true
Crossed are my fingers,
If this is a dream,
Hope it eternally lingers.